Hints and Tips - Using GCCPlus Training (STAFF)

Did you know there is a manual on how to carry out most actions on GCCPlus Training? it can be found HERE

Video's and PowerPoints that contain media files will not play on the BLUE layer

Only administration updates can be actioned on the BLUE layer.

When using GCCPlus Training or the BigBlueButton - DO NOT USE EDGE, only use CHROME

When enrolling delegates, check they do not have two profiles.

Make sure your invites to join are clear, include a link to your training page.

If your microphone fails to work check the sound settings on the PURPLE layer.  An update may have blocked it, ICT have to remove block.

Delegate that give you a @googlemail.com address need to be registered with @gmail.com in the UK

Make sure your Dashboard settings show ALL Courses and show by name and not 'Last accessed' any new courses will not show on your Dashboard.

Guide for joining BBB

Guide for joining Teams